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Sand, Gravel, Hardcores and Landfill in Shrewsbury from H. Evason & Co.

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H Evason & Co is a long established family business situated just south of Shrewsbury, Shropshire. We offer a wide range of services including public weighbridge, sand, gravel, aggregate and hardcore supply. Reclaimed hardcore, soils and crushed stone production, skip hire, recycling and fully licensed inert landfill and transfer station.

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Monday - Friday 07:30AM - 17:00PM
Saturday - Sunday CLOSED

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Decorative Gravel Shrewsbury

Sand and Gravel from H. Evason & Co.

Small Loads

Small loads from 1.5 tons, delivered direct to your property on our small wagon. Perfect for gardens, driveways and general DIY projects

Medium Loads

Loads up to 6 tons delivered on our small truck, capable of accessing most domestic driveways, perfect for home projects

Commercial Loads

Highly competitive 20 Ton loads for commercial customers requiring larger quantities, call us for more information

Self Collection

You are welcome to collect from our yard at no cost in your own vehicle, including private cars, trailers or your own commercial vehicles

At H Evason & Co, we stock and supply a range of sands, gravel and hardcore. Our aim is to meet the needs of both commercial and private clients. As well as catering for trade requirements, we can also provide a personal service to the private individual for his DIY uses which includes a selection of decorative gravels ideal for use on drives and in the garden.

Our Gravels

Dorset Gold Decorative Gravel

Dorset Gold Gravel

Available in 10 - 20mm size. This popular gravel produced around Blashford, Dorset is perfect for any decorative use.
Shropshire Grey Decorative Gravel

Shropshire Grey Gravel

Available in 4 - 10mm or 10 - 20mm. This locally produced stone is ideal as either decorative gravel for driveways or gardens. It can also be used as pipe bedding.
Staffordshire-Pink Decorative Gravel

Staffordshire Pink Gravel

Available in 10 - 20mm size. This is a popular decorative gravel for both gardens and driveways.
Cambrian Green Stone Decorative Gravel

Cambrian Green Stone

Available in 16 - 20mm. This stone is popular as pipe bedding but can also be used as a decorative gravel.
Scalpings & MOT Shropshire

Scalpings / MOT

This stone can be used as a sub-base or capping layer. Once compacted, it forms a hard surface, ideal for laying gravel concrete or tarmac, or on it's own as the surface of a track.

Cotswald Chippings

Available as 10/20mm chippings. This stone is popular for driveways and use in the garden
Cheshire White Chippings 10mm to 20mm

Cheshire White Gravel

Available in 14mm.
Terracotta Chippings 10mm to 20mm

Terracotta Chippings

Available as 10/20mm chippings.

Our Sands

Building Sand Shrewsbury

WC Sand & WB Sand

Available as WC Sand or WB Sand
Mixed Aggregate for Concreting

Mixed Aggregate for Concreting

The perfect pre-mixed aggregate ready for concreting

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